Size   H: 44 cm (17 in.)   W: 65 cm (26 in.)/ each hand
          D: 1.7 cm (0.7 in.)

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Japanese paper (figured paper & folk paper)
Frame: painted Shinese corktree
Silk and paper hinges
3 LED adapter holes
Accessory: A/C, D/C adapter - input voltage: under 5V

・ Ise Katagami・・・ Paper stenicils for the Kimono pattern which are
                             reinforced by Japanese lacqer made in Ise area
・ Unryu washi・・・ Long fiber style Japanese paper that gives the
                            appearance of floating clouds

CAUTION!    Not waterproof

Executive Designer / Producer
   Mutsumi Yoshifusa
Master Craftsman
   Folding screen: Yoshio Mitamura

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