ZEN ∞ ZEN ∼ UNSUI ∼ (left)

Size    W: 72 cm (28 in.)    L: 210 cm (83 in.)

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Calligraphy: Zen word "UNSUI" on the washi paper
Mounting: silk woven fabric
Ichimonji and Futai: famiy emblem with gold tooling
Bar eges: ceramic
Accessory: paulownia box signed by the artist, Bunkei Sono's
                   rebus and pseudonyum name "Kanpou"

• Ichimonji and Futai ・・・see "detail"
• Any emblems are producible (custom order)

Executive Designer / Producer
   Mutsumi Yoshifusa
Master Craftsmen
   Hanging scroll: Yoshio Sakaguchi

   Zen calligraphy: Bunkei Sono

location : Studio April
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