Size  shoji screen    W: 25 cm (10 in.)    D: 25 cm (10 in.)    H: 36 cm (14 in.)
         stand              W: 31 cm (12 in.)    D: 31 cm (12 in.)    H: 28 cm (11 in.)

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Materials     shoji screen: unryu washi paper and silk backside sliding shoji (fromt only)
                   stand: Japnese straight grain cedar and jindai-sugi (moon shape parts)
                              mother-of-pearl and gold powder on Japanese lacquer (urushi)
LED light - possible to change spec and design

•  Jindai-sugi・・・ Cedar buried in volcanic ash and fossilized, an 800 - 2,500 year process
                           that results in a charcoal gray color with a unique noble smell
•  Unryu washi・・・ Long fiber style Japanese paper that gives the appearance of floating clouds

CAUTION!    Not waterproof      Indoor use only

Executive Designer / Producer
   Mutsumi Yoshifusa
Master Craftsmen
   Washi paper application: Kiyoshige Iida
   Washi paper: Shinji Hayashi

location : HOTEL  KAWAKYU
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