Andon lantern  Size  Top    W: 15 cm (6 in.)    L: 15 cm (6 in.)
                                 Bottom    W: 21 cm (8 in.)    L: 21 cm (8 in.)
                                 Height    53 cm (21 in.) include handle

Andon holding stand  Size  Base    W: 25 cm (10 in.)    L: 25 cm (10 in.)
                                           Hand    L: 28 cm (11 in.)
                                           Height    144 cm (57 in.)

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Andon lantern
    Material: Japanese straight grain cedar
    Shoji: maple leaves inlaid Mino washi paperleaves and silk backside
    Handle: spotted bamboo
    LED light - possible to change spec and design
    Small drawer on the base

Andon holding stand
    Materials: tamo (Japanese ash) and ebony (corners) coated with clear lacquer

CAUTION!    Not waterproof    Indoor use only

Executive Designer / Producer
   Mutsumi Yoshifusa
Master Craftsmen
   Woodwork: Akio Iguchi
   Washi paper application: Kiyoshige Iida

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